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Original Revolvers From The Remington Firearms Company
Nicely Priced Remington Rolling Block Military Rifle in .50 Caliber Size
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This is a nice looking gun with one of the most historic designs in American history. This is the famous Remington "Rolling Block" design action. At the breech of the barrel it has the standard looking hammer and when you cock it back it has the lever that pulls back to allow for the loading of the cartridge, hence the name rolling block. These rolling block design guns were a mainstay for armies all around the world and they made over 1,000,000 of them of various designs during their production from 1867 until 1888. This is a version that was made by the Remington Company themselves. It is the .50 Spanish in caliber bore size and fires the centerfire cartridge from the full-length 31 inch barrel. Inside the barrel you can see all of the rifling. At the breech of the barrel, it is missing the rear sight. On the tang of the barrel it has the "REMINGTON'S PATENT. PAT MAY 3d 1864," and several other dates. Under the barrel, it has the modern made replacement ramrod for a different type of gun. The stock of the gun has a very pleasing color to the well-worn walnut wood. This is a just a nicely priced original Remington rolling block rifle.

Item #: B7063
Shipping Weight: 30 lbs
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