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Swords Used by the Officers Priced at Over $750
Edged Weapons
Very Rare Civil War Pay Department Officer Sword by Horstmann
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Upon 1st look one would assume that this is a medical staff officer sword from the Civil War. When you look closer you see that this one is much more rare than its medical counterpart. This is the rare sword that was designed for use by the Pay Department officer. This pattern of sword is written about and illustrated on pages 173 to 177 in the book on Army Swords of the Civil War by John Tillmann. Officially known as the model 1840 pay department officer sword. Since you seldom encounter one they evidently were not very popular with the soldiers but they are quite treasured by collectors. In the book they state that "Because the Pay Department was a very small service, the surviving swords are very scarce." He says that they were only able to examine 4 Pay Department swords which tells you how scarce they are. On the cross guard of the sword it has the shield style design with the "PD" on the stippled background. This is the area where the medical officer swords of the day will have the "MD" or "MS" lettering. The handle on this sword would have originally been held together by a screw style acorn capstan nut. During the time of use, they removed the nut and peened the blade in place. This has been this way for eons. The rest of the handle of the sword is constructed of brass and is virtually identical to the medical department swords of the day. The blade of the sword is slightly different as well. The sword blade is full-length at 28 inches and has the floral and patriotic designs on each side. If you notice the blade only has military designs and none of the medical style designs. On the one side it has the vividly clear "United States Pay Department". The front of the blade of this sword has the maker's Mark of Horstmann and Sons of Philadelphia. It also has the Eagle with the "E PLURIBUS UNUM" motto. The sword is accompanied by the original scabbard which is constructed entirely of brass. The scabbard has both mounts intact as well as as all 3 of the rings, throat and drag. This is a rare Civil War sword and this one is very pretty. Don't miss your opportunity

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