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Authentic Confederate Manufactured or Used Swords and Firearms of the Civil War
Edged Weapons
Scarce Sharp & Hamilton of Nashville Confederate Cavalry Saber
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When was the last time that you saw one of these rare items offered for sale? The answer is that it has probably been quite a while if you've ever seen one at all. This is the version of sword that is illustrated on pages 146 to 148 of the photographic supplement to Confederate swords book by William Albaugh III. You see quite a few of the Nashville Plow Works and even the College Hill cavalry sabers but this one is the most elusive one of the Nashville made cavalry sabers. This one is well worn and would surely have a story to tell if it could talk. The blade is full-length and measures 35-1/4th inches in overall length. Some of these will have, at the base of the back of the blade, the makers stamp of the firm of Sharp and Hamilton as well as the Nashville, Tennessee production location. This one is unmarked but it is definitely a Sharp & Hamilton sword. The handguard of the sword is constructed of a large stylish piece of cast brass with a smooth design and as you can see the color is untouched simply gorgeous. As with the Nashville production traits, it has the full backstrap that is also the pommel. This one is constructed of iron as are the College Hill counterparts. Sharp & Hamilton iron is known to have been of a lesser quality which is why they are almost always pitted like this one. The handle of the sword is still intact after all of these years. The wooden core is present with the original leather that has been restored with a very pleasing blackish brown color. The double twist copper wire is restored as well. The company use the very small gauge brass wire which is why this is almost always missing. Another thing that makes this sword so special is that it is accompanied by the original metal and brass scabbard. The iron of the scabbard used for the majority of the Sharp and Hamilton cavalry sabers were of lesser quality materials but they are finely crafted compared to many Southern swords. Necessity forced them into use in the early days of the war. The mounts of the scabbard are constructed of brass with the rings being made of iron. It has the simple throat at the top of the scabbard that is original and intact and is held in place by 2 screws. On the bottom of the scabbard is the original iron drag. The scabbard has some holes but displays well and is priced accordingly. This is one of the toughest to find of all Nashville made Confederate swords and the condition is as good or better than most of those that I have encountered in 30 years.

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