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Scarce Original Maynard Jenks Patent U.S. Navy Carbine by Remington
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This is one that you don't see offered every day. It is an original scarce Jenks patent carbine. There were only about 1,000 of these pattern of carbine ever made. This one is a nice looking example that is complete. They were made by the famous Remington Firearms Company of Herkimer, New York and is so marked on the lockplate along. You can see the marks clearly. Known to collectors as the "Mule Ear" Carbine because of their unique hammer design that resembles the mule's ear. These were made from 1843 until 1846 and they have the distinction of being the only Mule Ear type gun accepted by the U.S. military. This is the very scarce version that was designed to use the Maynard primer cap rolls instead of the standard percussion cap. They operate like the rolls used on toy cap guns. When you raise the hammer it allows for the door to open up and reveal the area for the Maynard tape roll. It even has an original roll remaining. This version was only made in 1847 and 1848. They were supplied for the U.S. Navy. The theory behind their design was an attempt to reduce the amount of movable parts that could break on the action of the gun. This one still cocks back and holds on both of the original two positions. As you can see in the image, the metal parts of the lock and hammer still retain a superb amount of the original case coloration from the factory. The stock is full-length with a very nice look and on the opposite of the lockplate you can still see the "RP" cartouche stamp where the gun was approved for military use by the U.S. Government inspector, Richard Paine. These guns always stand out because of their design as well as because of all of the brass furniture. This one has the brass is 100% complete with a good look. The barrel is full-length with the original markings visible at the breech of the barrel. There is still a fine amount of the original factory browning remaining on the barrel. It has the full clear Jenks mark along with the U.S. Navy mark and the clear 1846 production date. It also has the "RP" inspector initial stamp. These are the initials of Richard Paine who approved the gun for military service. Inside the barrel it has an excellent amount of rifling still present. This is the version with the oval loading aperture. The action of the loading lever is fully functional. This is a great looking gun that displays well from all angles.

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