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Authentic Confederate Manufactured or Used Swords and Firearms of the Civil War
COOL Relic Condition Confederate Short Pattern "Gladiator" Style Artillery Sword
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Wow! What a cool relic condition Confederate sword! You can tell that this one was in the ground for years and was excavated and then very skillfully cleaned and coated. This is the classic pattern of Confederate short artillery sword. These were patterned after the gladiator style sword. Since the 1830's the U.S. Government had made a sword of this pattern that was officially known as the model 1832 U.S. artillery short sword. When the Civil War broke out many of the Southern arsenals produced their versions of that sword. This is one of those Confederate manufactured swords. There are a few obvious differences between these Confederate swords and the Union made swords. The blade on the Confederate sword is made with the single fuller groove and the Union sword will have three on each side. The handle on the Union made sword will have rivets holding the blade in place and the Confederate made sword will only be peened at the top of the pommel. The handle is made of cast brass and has the fish scale style grip which is similar to the Union made pieces. This one is a beautiful and classic example of the Confederate workmanship. The sword measures 24 inches overall with 18 of those inches being the blade. The blade has a pretty tone all over with a nice look with the edge being sharpened long ago. The brass that composes the handle is in wonderful shape and has a fantastic color to the metal. One really cool thing about this sword is that it looks like the handle was battle damaged. It must have taken an extremely hard hit to dent the side of the grip like it is. I hope that the soldier wasn't holding it when that happened. And there are two very neat casting flaws on the top of the crossguard. This is a great looking Confederate gladiator style artillery short sword that any collector would love to have.

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