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Houston Texas Re-Issued 1862 Dated Confederate $100 With Slave Milkmaid & Train Scene T-40
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This is a nicely priced original 1862 dated Confederate States of America $100.00 bill issued by the authority from Richmond. This is the version with the steam train in the center with the steam ship in the background of the train scene. This is the pattern of note listed in Criswell's currency book as T-40. This is the pattern with the diffused steam coming out of the smokestack of the steam train engine. There is a very small hole at the bottom of the train image that doesn't detract exactness. In the lower left hand corner is the image of a milk-maid carrying the milk bucket. This note is correctly hand signed and numbered and is 100% authentic. On the back of the note it has the markings where the Confederate government paid the interest due for the year. The scarce thing about this note is that it was re-issued at Houston, Texas. It is so stamped on the reverse of the note along with the march 30th 1863 date of re-issuance. This is one of the tough to find locations of issuance. This is a nice touch on an already cool Confederate note. This is one very attractive piece of Confederate currency. The note has been professionally graded by the PMG Company and they rated it as being "Choice Fine". The piece of Confederate history comes in the PMG acid free holder for display and preservation.

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