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Scarce Model 1840 Hall-North "Fishtail" Breech Loading Cavalry Carbine
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This is an original scarce and desirable version of the Hall-North carbine. These Hall pattern guns are one of the most easily recognizable weapons of the Civil War era. They have the large frame with the block that rises up. Most of these have the lever on the side but this is the very scarce version that has the lever on the underside of the frame. The lever itself has the paddle shaped end that collectors have nicknamed the "fishtail" lever. In Flayderman's guide he states that they only made 6,001 of these carbines with the "fishtail" lever. This one is in the .52 caliber bore size and the barrel has none of the rifling still visible with old pitting from age and storage. The top of the block in the frame has the he maker's mark of Simeon North to go along with the clear production date of 1843. It also has the Middletown, Connecticut production location by the maker and date stamps. All of the metal parts have a gray tone. The stock has a fine color to the walnut and it displays superbly from all angles. Most of the time these Hall carbine stocks are cracked or broken at the breach of the barrel. That was the case with this one and the wood has been restored and displays well and is now solid as you can see. On the side of the barrel breech it has the "NWP" inspector initials where the gun was approved for military use. These are the initials of Nahum W. Patch. In the channel underneath the barrel it has the original and full-length ramrod in the channel. Behind the trigger guard it has the original ring for the slang intact. On the left-hand side of the frame it has the original saddle ring bar as well as the ring itself. In our 30 years plus of dealing this is only the third one of these "fishtail" Hall North carbines we have been able to offer. Don't miss this rarity!

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