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Authentic Original Rifles, Muskets
Authentic Artifacts from the Revolutionary War Era thru About 1840
Scarce 1821 Dated Johnson Made Rifle in Original Flint - Only 5,000 Made
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This is a cool looking and scarce gun! This gun is the model 1817 weapon that is known to collectors as the "Common Rifle". They get this nickname not because they are common but so they could be separated from the Hall rifle made during the same timeframe. This one has the remnants of the US stamp on the lock plate as well as a portion of the Middletown, Connecticut location of production. You can still see the remnants of the Robert Johnson maker mark in front of the hammer. This gun would have been part of his 1819 contract to produce 5,000 of these guns for the Government. Behind the hammer you can see the majority of the production date of 1821 stamped into the metal. The action of the lock plate works catches on both positions. When this gun left the factory it was in the flintlock configuration and this one is still flintlock like it should be. The vast majority of them were converted to percussion in later years. The barrel is still full-length with an ancient look. At the breech of the barrel you can still see the US marking as well as the inspector and proof markings. Inside the barrel the rifling is still strong. As you can see all of the metal parts have a beautiful dark rich tone as does the original full-length walnut wood stock. The gun has both of the original sling swivels present underneath the gun with one being cracked. It has the brass tipped ramrod in the channel underneath the barrel. On the flat of the shoulder stock it has the original oval patch box intact. This is a very attractive looking and scarce original flintlock gun from all angles.

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