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Authentic Confederate Manufactured or Used Swords and Firearms of the Civil War
Confederate Cartridge Box Captured During the Fall of Charleston, South Carolina
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I wish that this one could talk! It is a well worn Confederate manufactured soldier's cartridge box. The special thing about this box is that we know where it was during the last days of the Civil War. It is accompanied by the paper label that tells it's history. The ancient brown piece of paper has the brown ink inscription that reads "Cartridge Box taken from a Confederate Soldier at the surrender of Charleston, S.C. by Dr. J. F. Perry, U.S.N. Belongs with the English Tunic, Musket and Bayonet." The label has been framed in a great looking old looking frame and they also added a piece of a Confederate newspaper that states "Charleston". The frame measures 17-1/4th inches by 17-1/4th inches. As for the box itself, this is one of the boxes that were patterned after the standard Union fighting men's cartridges boxed for a .58 caliber rifle. It is made of black leather and upon 1st glance, it looks very similar to the Union boxes but with a few major differences. On the bottom of the box, it has the original closure tab finial. These Confederate cartridge boxes were made with lead finials instead of the brass Union counterparts. It also has the crude handsewn closure tab. When you look on the back of the box, it does not have the belt loops, only the design to be used with the shoulder sling. It still has the base sections of the shoulder sling still hanging on. When you open up the outer flap, you see the functional but crudely made hand cut inner flap and implement compartment. The inner flap is stiffened over the years but when you lift it up, you see that it has two tins intact. This is a cool Rebel made soldier's cartridge box that was one of the spoils taken when the city of Charleston fell into Union hands in 1865. What a great piece of history!

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