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Original Casting Molds for Producing Lead Bullets
Nice Ward Marked Civil War .577 Caliber Enfield Rifle Bullet Mold
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Here is an original brass mold for making Enfield pattern rifle bullets. This is the classic style that was used by soldiers on both sides of the Civil War. In time-life books they state that two out of every three went to the Confederacy. This one still opens and closes well. It is the version that makes the top pour Enfield bullets since the hole to pour the lead in for casting is on the nose of the bullet. This one is including the sprue cutter at the top. As you can imagine with all of the moving parts, it isn't often that you find one of these at is survived 160 years like this one. This mold is for making a .577 caliber bullet which is the English way to denote 25 gauge in size. Along the top of the sprue cutter, it has the "577" size marking stamping along with the "WARD" maker marking. This is a great looking original Civil War Enfield rifle bullet mold that has a straight out of the attic look all over.

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