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SUPERB! Matching Serial Number Military Model Smith Cavalry Carbine
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BEAUTIFUL! This is a gorgeous looking original Civil War cavalry carbine of the Smith Patent. It has all matching serial numbers of 6,344 which is one of the earlier ones made of their total production of over 30,000. The action works superbly on all positions. One thing that I have always liked about these Smith patent carbines is the way they break down so you can load the shell into the barrel. They have a brass lever that is pushed up inside of the triggerguard that releases the spring on the top of the barrel. This allows the front half of the gun to pivot downward and it looks like it has been cut in half. The back side of the frame has the original saddle bar and ring present. The barrel and sights still retain almost all of the original bluing. You can clearly read the "POULTNEY & TRIMBLE BALTIMORE U.S.A." mark on the frame and it is surrounded by a superb amount of the original case colors. It also has the mark from the American Machine Works Company maker mark from Springfield, Massachusetts still visible underneath the saddle ring bar. This one has a full-length barrel with the original front and rear sights present. The inside of the barrel is excellent and you can see the lands and grooves clearly. The stock has a very pleasing tone all over and you can still see the inspector's cartouche on the back side near the frame. As you can see the stock has a gorgeous color to the walnut wood. This "JH" cartouche lets us know that the gun is a military model rather than a civilian. This is where the Government inspector approved the gun for military use by John or Joseph Hannis. There is also the "LFR" in block letters on the breech of the barrel. This is the cartouche of the inspector Lafayette F. Rogers. This is a very nice and completely authentic Civil War Smith patent military model cavalry carbine that is definitely a couple of steps above most of the ones that you encounter.

Item #: B6376
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