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Longarms - Flintlock Muskets
Authentic Artifacts from the Revolutionary War Era thru About 1840
Wonderful 1815 Dated Waters & Whitmore Made US Model 1808 Flintlock
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I love the look of this gun! It has the look like the soldier brought it home from service and it wasn't touched for 200 years. It is a beautifully designed early United States weapon that is over 200 years old. This is the 69 caliber smoothbore flintlock musket that is officially known as the US model 1808 contract flintlock. In 1808 Congress authorized 19 gunmakers to produce a total of 82,500 muskets. Approximately half of these were eventually produced and delivered. This one was produced in 1815 and is vividly dated on the tail of the lock plate. In front of the hammer it has the remnants of the Union Eagle with the "US" lettering below. It originally would have had the single word "SUTTON" stamped above the eagle. This was the marking used by the firm owned by Elijah and Asa Waters and Nathaniel Whitmore of Sutton, Massachusetts. In Flayderman's guide he states they had a contract for 5000 muskets and it is believed that 4270 of those were delivered. This gun is in the original flintlock configuration and the mechanics work superbly. The barrel of the gun is still full-length at 42-1/4ths inches and you can still see the inspector proof marks at the breech of the gun. In addition to the proof marks on the barrel it has the block letter style "US" as well as the "MS" which lets us know the gun was delivered as part of a state contract for Massachusetts. You can also see the correct and matching 1815 production date by the proof marks. The stock is a deep rich dark tone Walnut wood that displays quite well. On the flat of the stock opposite of the lockplate it has the inspector cartouche still visible as well as the matching and correct "MS" marking. The gun has some cracks to the wood but still displays well. It still has the original ramrod in the channel underneath the barrel. Both of the sling swivels are still fully functional under the gun as well. This is a gorgeous original early flintlock with more character than a Mark Twain novel.

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