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Excavated Cartidges from Civil War Campsites and Battlesites
Rare Complete Pack of Original Civil War Starr Carbine Linen Cartridges
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This is a rare piece to find these days. It is an authentic complete pack of 10 non-excavated linen cartridges for the .54 caliber Civil War Starr cavalry carbines. This one is in nice displaying condition. The white paper is on the outside and even has the original string tying the pack together. There is an x-ray image of the inside that shows the distinctive bullet design for the Starr carbine. Each one has the full linen cartridge with powder remaining inside of the cartridge. This is the style pictured as figure #58 in the cartridge section of the bullet book by McKee & Mason. We acquired this pack from a Star collector recently and his note stated that this style was attributed to the St. Louis Arsenal. This is a fine original Starr cartridge pack that will make a great addition to your cartridge collection.

Item #: B6148
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