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Non-Excavated Civil War Era Buttons From States of the Union That Start With N to X
Beautiful Non-Excavated Coat Size "B.C.P.I." Cadet Button
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This is a cool looking button. This is the 2 piece Civil War era or Pre Civil War "B.C.P.I." button Albert# PI-4-A on page 272. It has the shield with branches surrounding it in the center of the button with the letters "B.C.P.I." across the top. This attractive button for years has been identified as Band Corps of the Philippine Islands. I do not believe this is correct. I strongly believe this to be a pre Civil War cadet or school button. It's size is the same as many cadet/school buttons, as is the backmark. "B.C.P.I." could easily stand for BROOKLYN COLLEGIATE & POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE founded in 1854, or another city/town beginning with "B". Because these buttons are often found in the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut area, I think Brooklyn CPI is a good bet. Maybe an alum can do some research. Backmark reads RMDC "SCOVILL MFG CO.WATERBURY.". All gilded finish remaining. This fine looking 21 mm coat button is in excellent shape.

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