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Currency & Bonds - State - Mississippi
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Beautifully Designed 1870 Dated Reconstruction Carpetbagger $2.00
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Here is an interesting piece of history from Mississippi. This is an original $2.00 issued by the state of Mississippi during reconstruction. Heck, they even put a carpet-bagger's picture on the note. This piece of currency was issued for on September 7th 1870 for the amount of $2.00. On the left hand side of the note, it has the image of Mississippi's Auditor of Public Accounts, Henry Musgrove. In 1860, he is listed in Terre Haute, Indiana as a magistrate. He was evidently appointed by Union Major General Ames. On the right hand side of the note, it has the image of the steam train. In the center of the note, it has the farmer and horse with the plow. It ahs the printed signatures and stamped serial number. You see the large circular hole where the note was taken out of circulation by the state after it's service. The note measures 7-1/4th inches by 3-1/8ths inches in size. It comes in an acid-free holder for display and preservation. It is a cool piece of history from the Magnolia State!

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