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Authentic Soldier's Uniforms
Beautiful Original Cincinnati Made Civil War Artillery Shell Jacket Uniform
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What a beautiful display piece for your Collection! This is an authentic original Civil War Uniform. This is the one that would have been worn by a artilleryman of the Civil War! We know that it is for the artillery branch of service because of the red piping on the uniform. This one has attractive red color to the cloth piping that displays well. It has all of the eagle buttons down the front and on the cuffs as well. In some of the pictures the red looks to be an orange tint but this is not the case. The red is still a very vivid red and displays superbly. There at a couple of small spots of wear that give the coat character. The buttons have the lined shield which lets us know that the coat was designed for an enlisted man and not for an officer. The pillows are intact on the bottom of the coat back. These were designed to help keep the belt up. The weight of the cavalry saber would often pull the belt down without these pillows. When you open up the coat you see that the chest and back lining are still intact. It has the entire white cotton lining in the sleeves remaining. There are the original inspector stampings still partially visible and also the two "dots" size marking which is the medium size. As you can see it has the inspector stamps. It has the remnants of the Shafer stampings who was the inspector for the U.S. Army at the Cincinnati location. If you have wanted a fine displaying original Civil War artillery uniform that is nicer than most that you will encounter, then this beauty is for you.

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