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Swords Used by the Cavalry Branch of Service
Edged Weapons
Cavalry Officer's Saber in Scabbard by Walschied of Solingen
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Here is a great looking sword for the price! It is the cavalry officer's style saber illustrated on page 463 of the great cavalry and artillery saber book by John Thillmann. It is officially listed as a British pattern 1822 cavalry officer's saber. There were several of these swords utilized by both sides of the Civil War. This one has a great looking full-length blade with the maker's mark of the firm of W. Walschied of Solingen, Germany on the back of the blade. Walschied made many higher quality edged weapons such as this in the Civil War era. On the other side of the blade it has the inlaid brass circle with "PROVED" in the center. This is a proof marking that is a way to show that the blade is made of high quality metal. The iron guard is in superb shape without any bends or dents. On the handle of the sword it has the original sharkskin grip intact with a pleasing look. Wound around the grip it has the spring style copper wire intact with a fine look. The sword is accompanied by the original metal scabbard. The scabbard has both of the mounts, and rings intact as well as the throat and drag. This is a great looking cavalry officer's saber for the price.

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