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Authentic Carbines
Beautiful Original Starr Patent Cartridge Carbine with Iron Furniture
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I've never had one of these carbines in such beautiful condition! It is the interesting and tough to find cartridge version of the Starr patent cavalry carbine. This gun was manufactured by the Starr Arms Company of Yonkers, New York. Flayderman's guide states that they produced only 5002 of these in the metallic cartridge configuration. He states that they were delivered in March and May 1865. Upon 1st glance, these guns look like the standard percussion Starr carbines, but there are slight differences. The percussion Starr carbines have brass for the buttplate and barrel band and these are produced with iron. The hammer and block configuration are constructed differently on these metallic cartridge versions as well. The Starr Firearms Company markings are clear on the lockplate and on the top of the tang as well. The tang mark reads STARR'S PATENT SEPT. 14TH 1858". The hammer and lockplate each still retains some of the original factory case colors. The block that drops down has a striker pin for hitting the rim of the rimfire cartridge. This one has the full-length 21 inch round barrel and along the top it has the "STARR ARMS YONKERS, NY" marking still clearly visible. It has the original front and rear sights intact as well. On the side of the barrel has the initials "S.T.B." for the inspector Samuel T. Bugbee. On the other side of the barrel and side of the stock have the stamped and matching serial numbers of 31,857. They continued the serial numbers from the end of the non-metallic cartridge carbines. The mechanics of the gun works on both positions. On the back side of the frame, it has the original saddle ring intact. The stock of the gun has a nice dark color all over. On the flat of the stock, opposite of the lockplate, it has the outlines of the two inspector cartouche stamps still visible. This is an overall beautiful original example of the metallic cartridge version of the famous Starr Arms Company carbine.

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