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Authentic Cartridge Boxes
Original and Complete Civil War Military Leather Pistol Cartridge Box
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This is a very attractive untouched cartridge box for a Civil War revolver. This is the version that measures approximately 5-3/4th inches by 4 inches in size. The outer flap is still nice and complete with the light wear from service. One thing that is neat about this box is what is affixed to the outer flap. This is a very pretty piece that often causes discussion. It is the stamped brass shield that has the star design in the center. It is often referred to as a Confederate leather ornament for Texas or Mississippi. I have never seen this documented but it sure sounds good. I think that it was actually a civilian leather decoration that was occasionally used by Southerners from Texas and Mississippi. I have seen them excavated in Campsites but this one is in excellent non-excavated condition. The brass has a gorgeous darker attic tone to the brass. On the reverse of the piece it has a superb amount of the original lead backing intact. It has two of the original three brass attachment pins intact. The overall size of the shield measures 1.5 inches by 1 inch in size. This is a great looking non-excavated shield with star ornament. The leather closure tab and brass finial are intact and both are complete. The side of the tab is separated and mentioned for exactness. On the back of the belt there are both of the belt loops present and solid as a rock. This one will be a very nice addition to any collection and will display well with any caliber of Civil War revolver.

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