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Currency & Bonds - State - South Carolina
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Gorgeous 1873 Dated State of South Carolina $10 with Rev War Scene
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Here is a beautifully designed note from the state of South Carolina. It was issued from Columbia, South Carolina. This is officially known as a State of South Carolina Certificate of Indebtedness. This one was issued for $10.00 and has the printed date of December 1st 1873. The note has the central vignette that is based on the painting showing Sergeants Jasper and Newton Rescuing American Prisoners from the British. This painting was done by John Blake White (1781-1859). In the corners of the note, it has the vignettes of General Daniel Morgan (1736-1802) on the left and Josey, engraved by James Bannister, on the right. The note is printed using the green and black ink. The note is in nice circulated condition. When you hold the note up to the light you can see the "X" slices in the paper. This is the "Cut Cancellation" marking that lets us know the note was taken out of circulation by the state. It comes in an acid free holder for display and preservation.

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