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Dug Personal Items of the Civil War Soldiers
Misc. Excavated
BAM! Artillery Shell Struck Excavated Confederate Tin Drum Style Soldier's Canteen
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This is a great piece of history from the Civil War. This is a militia style tin drum campaign that was most often utilized by Confederate soldiers. When this one was excavated it had some missing areas of tin and we had it restored for display and preservation. When our restorer was working on the piece he noticed something. One side had a very distinct indentation. He said "That looks like the base of an artillery shell impression." Sure enough a 10# field artillery shell fits perfectly into the impression. There are only 2 explanations of how this impression was made. The first is that a shell possibly fell onto the canteen but I honestly don't think that would have been enough to make this deep of an impression. The other explanation and the one that seems more likely to me is that it was struck by a shell or shell fragment that was fired. It took a lot of force to make this dent. The canteen itself has the strap loops on the sides as well as the original tin spout at the top. The canteen itself measures 6-1/4th inches across and is 2 inches thick. 2 of the pictures show the canteen as it was when we got it so you can see the amount of restoration. This is truly a great piece of history.

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