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Non-Dug Items Used by Soldiers and on the Homefront
Misc. Non-Excavated
Wonderful Original Confederate Cedar Wood Drum Canteen
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This is a really cool artifact! It is an original Confederate soldier's canteen. This is the style that is made of wood and referred to by collectors as the "Wood Drum" canteen. This one is finely crafted out of cedar wood as you can see. It measures 7-1/4ths inches across and is 2-3/8ths inches thick. It is the version that is held together by 2 thick iron bands that have a gorgeous untouched look all the way around. This one has all of the original three strap loops intact. The original wooden spout has been lost to the ages. These are usually missing because when the wood dries out from not being used and then it falls out. On one of the sides, it has the scratches the soldier put into the wood. This one has a very cool look all over and will make a fantastic addition to any collection.

Item #: B5177
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