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INDIAN TRIBAL POLICE! Remington-Keene Bolt Action Rifle for the Dept. of the Interior
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Here is a very scarce gun that I am very proud to offer. This is a rare version of the Remington rifle that was used by the United Stated Department of the Interior by the Indian Police. The gun is the Remington-Keene version that was made in 1880 and 1881. These guns were designed to fire the .45-70 cartridge from the full-length 24 inch round barrel. This one has the full length tubular magazine under barrel for holding the cartridges. This one has the clear serial number of "109" which would have been manufactured in 1880. The gun was produced with the factory blued finish with the beautiful smooth walnut stock and forend. These guns are interesting because of the mechanics. It is a bolt action, tubular feed repeating rifle with exposed hammer. The original adjustable ladder rear sight is intact as is the original front sight blade on carbine style barrel band. It still has the three-line Remington address and patent markings on top rear of bolt. The top of chamber is marked with an "{ARROW}" motif indicating Indian Police along with "WWK/P" inspection initials. William W Kimball was a civilian armory employee who primarily inspected U.S. Navy contract arms for the government during this period, including the Navy Rifle version of the Remington-Keene, Remington Model 1879 Navy Rifles and Hotchkiss 2nd Model Navy Rifles. The left barrel flat and receiver are also marked with the sub-inspection "HN" mark of Henry Nettleton, whose script cartouche was also applied to the wrists of these guns, although it is often worn away as it is on this one. The stocks of the gun have a very pleasing look to the walnut wood. There is a 5 inch diagonal crack through the reverse of the receiver area, with a small crack on the obverse, and there is a roughly 2-1/2 inch by 5 inch piece of wood replaced forward of the cartridge lifter mechanism. On the left side of receiver correctly marked in individual dies "U.S.I.D. 109", for "U.S. Interior Department" and gun #109. The U.S. Interior Department administered the Bureau of Indian Affairs during this period, which controlled all aspects of Native American life, particularly on reservation land. In 1878 the Bureau of Indian Affairs established the Tribal Police to enforce the law on reservation land, hoping for better results than those obtained by using the military to enforce the law, as the army often operated as oppressors rather than lawmen. In 1880 the U.S. Department of the Interior contracted with Remington Arms to deliver 650 Model 1875 Revolvers and 600 Remington-Keene Frontier Rifles in .45-70 for the use of the Tribal Police. These are extremely rare firearms in their own right, but due to the fact that they saw heavy use, often in harsh conditions, their survival rate is rather low and extant examples tend to be well-worn and heavily used. Underneath the gun it has an original leather Pattern 1887 leather sling for use on a Trapdoor or Krag rifle. In my 30+ years in the business, this is the first one of the Tribal Police guns that I have been able to offer.

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