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Authentic Confederate Belt Buckles & Plates From The Civil War
Great Looking Authentic Non-Excavated C.S.A. Belt Buckle With Alterations
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This is a great looking authentic non-excavated C.S.A. Belt Buckle. It is an original non-excavated Confederate States of America rectangular belt buckle. The front of the plate has the bold, proud letters "C.S.A.". This is the letter style variation that is often referred to by collectors as the Virginia style. The name derives from the belief that these buckles were manufactured in Atlanta. This one is very similar in design to the one listed as Plate #102 in the book, "Confederate Belt Buckle & Plates" by Steve E. Mullinax. The buckle measures 48mm by 69mm in size. As you can see in the images, all three of the original, integrally cast brass belt hooks were removed from the buckle long ago. They added a more modern attachment system, so the buckle could still be worn. We have had a couple of these over the years where they altered the original buckles to be worn during the mid-1900s. The edges of the buckle have evidence of hand filing. This was done by the maker to smooth the rough edges from casting. This hand filing is a trait that should be present in original buckles from the Civil War era and is one way to distinguish an original plate from a modern reproduction. The face on this plate is exquisite. If it had all 3 of the original attachment hooks on the reverse, this plate would be approaching $4000. You can own this one for a fraction of that. The face of this Confederate belt buckle has a gorgeous patina all over that gives it a beautiful look.

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