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Non-Dug Items Used by Soldiers and on the Homefront
Misc. Non-Excavated
Beautiful Pair of "False Eagle" Cavalry Spurs From the Baird Spur Book
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Here is a fine non-excavated cavalry spur pair. This is the EXACT set of spur that is pictured and described on page 45 of the fine spur book by Dr. Bob Baird entitled Confederate, US and Other Civil War Used Spurs. He explains how this is a spur of the style that is listed in the Time-Life book set that is listed as a "Confederate General's Spur". These were finely crafted private purchase spurs that were worn by well-to-do soldiers on both sides. Custer even has a similar spur. This is one of the rare ornate versions of cavalry spurs that have the rowel neck that were designed to roughly look like the head of an eagle. The brass neck of the spur has a sweeping pattern with a point on the end of the neck body that almost looks like a bird's beak. Even though these were very well constructed they would've been much more affordable than the very ornate Eaglehead spurs you occasionally encounter. We had one of these recently that was marked by the famous New York firm of Tiffany and Company. This one is completely unmarked but would have been sold by high-end retailer of the day. The Spur pair are each in beautiful non-excavated condition. This is an extremely desirable Civil War cavalry spur pair with the simplistic Eagle designed neck. You get both spurs for $595.00.

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