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Authentic Civil War Bullets and Cartridge in Non-Excavated Condition
Very Fine Non-Excavated Metallic Cartridge For the .42 Plant Cupfire Revolver M&M#99
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This is an excellent original cartridge for the Civil War era .42 caliber Plant patent cupfire revolver. These are a tough to find cartridge that is very different from any of the cartridges you encounter. The metallic cylinder of the cartridge encased the whole bullet. The hammer of the gun would have struck the inside of the concave portion of the base where there was a fulminate charge. This would have ignited the powder in the cartridge, thus firing the bullet. This one still has the bullet intact and in nice shape. You get the actual cartridge that you see pictured. This style of cartridge is photographed as cartridge #99 in McKee & Mason's Bullet book.

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