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PENNSYLVANIA! Gorgeous Silver Gripped Officer Sword with Applied State Seal
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Here is an interesting Civil War sword with a gorgeous look. This is an original Civil War foot officer's sword. The superb quality scabbard makes this one really stand out! The scabbard has the wooden body with the sharkskin cover that displays beautifully. The mounts are the finely crafted brass with the applied decorations to the top and middle mount. The top mount has the applied panoply of arms that includes the flags, drum, armor and shield. The middle mount has the applied great seal of the state of Pennsylvania. It has the coat of arms in the center that depicts a ship at the top with a plow in the center and three sheaves of wheat at the bottom. On the top of the coat of arms it has the Union eagle perched. The mounts still retain some of the original gold gilding. This sword blade itself was made by the firm of Collins and Company in Hartford, Connecticut and is so marked on the back side of the blade base. It also has the production date of 1862 stamped into the blade. The blade of the sword is full-length at 30-3/4ths inches. It has the engraving still clearly visible on both sides. The front side has the spread wing version of the Union eagle with the needle engraved "E PLURIBUS UNUM" motto in the banner below. This motto translates from the Latin for "Of One, Many". On the back of the blade it has the large ornate letter etching "US" in the center. The hand guard of the sword has the large basket with the floral pattern which is correct for his rank of a foot officer. The brass of the hand guard and pommel cap have a beautiful mellow golden tone all over with a superb amount of the original gold gilding in the recesses. On the handle of the sword it has the original silver washed brass grip. The grip of the sword is beautifully crafted. It has the original twisted wire intact with the flanking wire intact on each side. This is an amazing looking sword from all angles. THIS ITEM IS FEATURED ON OUR SHILOHRELICS YOUTUBE CHANNEL. HERE IS A LINK SO YOU CAN SEE WHY WE THOUGHT IT WAS NEAT ENOUGH FOR A VIDEO: Pennsylvania Sword

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