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Original Revolvers From The Colt Firearms Company
Matching 1851 Dated Whitney Mississippi Rifle With The Colt Bayonet Lug
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This is a fine looking original "Mississippi" pattern rifle of a tough to find pattern. This is officially known as the U.S. model 1841 rifle. They got their "Mississippi" nickname during the Mexican War when a regiment under the Command of Jefferson Davis of Mississippi used them with great effectiveness. They stand out from across the room because of all of the brass furniture they use. They have the classic brass patchbox, triggerguard, buttplate, and even the barrel bands. This one has the manufacture date which is a clear 1851 on the lockplate to accompany the very desirable maker's mark of the famous company founded by Eli Whitney. Yes, it is the same Whitney that is credited with inventing the cotton gin. From 1843 until 1855, Whitney made only 26,500 of these Mississippi Rifles under four contracts. They are considered by many people, including myself, to be one of the most attractive weapons in U.S. military history. The action of the lock works superbly on all positions. All of the brass parts have an attractive look with a golden color patina. The barrel is full length and you can see the correct Whitney style inspector marks at the breech. You can still see the matching and correct "1851" stamping of the production date of the barrel. It has the "S.K." stamping under the "US" mark. These are the initials of the US Inspector, Samuel Knous, who approved the gun for military use. On the side of the barrel flat it has the remnants of the correct "STEEL" marking. Inside the bore, Colt would have bored the barrel from .54 caliber to .58 caliber in size to fire the more modern Civil War bullets. This one is now .61 caliber and you can no longer see the lands and grooves. The rear sight is the original stud style iron sight. The rebored the guns to .58 caliber and added rear sights. On the end of the barrel, it has an original Colt style adapter to allow the gun to be used with a saber style bayonet. It has the serial number on the barrel lug that is "9,114" and that number would have matched the original bayonet. The sling swivels are both still nicely intact and they still pivot. The ramrod in the channel underneath the barrel is original that is a little bit short and it no longer has the threads still on the back side. The stock on this gun has a rich look with a fine grain to the walnut. On the flat of the stock opposite of the lockplate , you can still see the inspector cartouche where the gun was approved for military service by the Inspector. This is an attractive looking "Mississippi" rifle from the famous Eli Whitney Company with the Colt bayonet lug.

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