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Authentic Artillery Implements of the Civil War Era
Misc. Excavated
Very Rare Authentic "US" Marked Artillery Tow Hook Implement
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Here is a rare piece of Civil War artillery you don't see offered very often. It is an original excavated example of the tow hook. It is the classic Civil War version that has the large "US" stamping on one side of the hammer head. This piece is 13-3/4th inches in overall length. When the artillery shells were shipped they were packed in a substance called "tow'. This would keep the shells from banging together in transit. The hook end of this tool was used to pull out the "tow" out from around the shells. The other end has a hammer design that was used to pull the nails out of the box and also to tamp in the wood fuzes into the shells. This one is in superb shape and will be a fine addition to any artillery collection.

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