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Swords - Officer Swords
Authentic Artifacts from the Revolutionary War Era thru About 1840
Seated Indian Princess and Eagle Hand Guard Sword with a Gorgeous Blade
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Here is a wonderful sword! The handle of this sword is simply gorgeous! The clamshell is made of gilded cast brass. On the left hand side it has the Union eagle with the arrows of war in one talon and the branch of peace in the other. On the other side of the clamshell it has the seated view of an Indian Princess with the large headdress. She rests her elbow on a large shield. The quillion of the handguard is designed like a small eagle head. The bow of the handguard the panoply of arms with the shield in the center with the liberty cap on the spear top. The pommel cap is the well crafted stylish eagle head with the integral brass backstrap. On the handle itself it has the original 2-piece panels that are made of mother of pearl with a beautiful look. On the blade side of the grip it has the floral ferrule that is often referred to as being made by Widmann of Philadelphia. It as matching bands on the scabbard. Now for the blade and what a blade it is. It is full-length at 30-3/4th inches with a fantastic look. It has the etching that is detailed by the fire blue and gold detailing. The sword is accompanied by the original scabbard. The scabbard is constructed entirely out of brass. It is beautifully detailed over the front of the scabbard body. The original throat and drag are intact as are both of the rings. It also has the floral pattern button so the soldier could use the sword with a shoulder sling. This is a great looking sword that was finely crafted!

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