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Currency & Bonds - Confederate Bonds 1863-1865
Civil War Documents
Scarce 1,000 Pound Erlanger Pattern Confederate States Savings Bond
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This is a tough to find version of Confederate States of American savings bond. This is the pattern that is known to collectors as the "Erlanger" series of Confederate bonds. They are one of the most interesting types that you will encounter. It is the pattern that was printed by the Confederate using an overseas printer and was sold to investors of the Confederate in Europe. That is why it is printed in English as well as French. At the top of the center section is the scene of Confederacy personified holding a Confederate 1st national flag and leaning on bales of cotton. This one was issued for the amount of 1,000 English Pounds or 25,000 Francs. These bonds are printed on very high quality paper compared to the usual Confederate printed ones. When you hold the bond up to the light you can see the watermarks that even have the dates the interest coupons could be cashed in for redemption. This one is correctly hand signed and numbered in fine old ink. The Confederacy issued these overseas in London and the Continent and they did so with the backing of the Erlanger financial empire. This bond is signed by Baron Emile Erlanger. It still has an attractive color to the pale orange ink that was used to contrast the black ink of the rest of the bond. This is a pretty piece of the futile attempts of the Confederacy to finance the Civil War overseas.

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