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Multi-Shot Revolvers in the Percussion Configuration
Beautiful & Scarce .31 Caliber Whitney- Beals "Walking Beam" Revolver
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This is a very cool gun that you don't see offered often! This is the .31 caliber revolver made by the Eli Whitney Company using the Beals Patent. They are referred to as the "Walking Beam" revolver because the mechanism is designed to work almost like the walking beam steam engine of the day. According to Flayderman they only made about 2,300 of these iron frame .31 calibers. He stats that they were made from about 1854 until the late 1860's. This one has the long 4 inch barrel length with the original bead style front sight still being intact. There is a pivoting clip underneath the barrel that holds the cylinder pin in place. The barrel still retains some of the original factory bluing in the protected areas. Most of the time this bluing is complete missing so this is a nice touch on a great pistol. On the top of the frame it has the "ADDRESS E. WHITNEY WHITNEYVILLE, CT." stamping still nice and clear. On the back of the frame it has the brass rear sight intact. On the left hand side of the frame it has the "BEALS PATENT SEPT. 1854" patent mark and date. These guns are a wild design since they have the large cylinder hood that almost covers up the left hand side of the frame. The mechanics are designed that when you cock back the hammer manually then you pull back the trigger which rotates the cylinder. Then you pull the trigger back a little farther which will shoot the gun. The mechanics are confusing compared to other guns of the day but this one works just as it should. The cylinder still retains some of the original etched decoration. On the handle of the gun it has both of the original walnut wood grips intact. The grips have an exceptionally beautiful look to the wood. When you take them off you see the "L61" assembly serial numbers. The other parts of the gun have the matching numbers. This is a nice and complete and scarce early Whitney revolver with a pleasing look.THIS ITEM IS FEATURED ON OUR SHILOHRELICS YOUTUBE CHANNEL. HERE IS A LINK SO YOU CAN SEE WHY WE THOUGHT IT WAS NEAT ENOUGH FOR A VIDEO: WHITNEY PISTOL

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