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Swords Used by the Officers Priced at Over $750
Authentic Artifacts from the Revolutionary War Era thru About 1840
1772 Date Stamped Silver Hilted Officer's Sword with London Proofs
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What a beautifully crafted sword! This is an original English made dress sword made just before the American Revolution. The bow of the silver hand guard has the English stamps that tell us the story of the manufacture. The last of the stamps is the letter "R" is the date stamp. This style of letter lets us know that the sword was made in the year of 1772. To the left of that is the crowned leopard's head which lets us know that it was a London silversmith. The next stamp is the Lion that shows the silver is of Sterling quality. The first of the stamps is the "WK" stamping of the maker. The blade of the sword is full-length at 32-3/4ths inches and is finely crafted with the single fuller on each side. The handguard and grip are beautifully made of silver. The bow is a single branch with the extra raised bow. It has the lined detail work on the bow and loop as well as on each side of the quillion. On the end of the sword it has the large bulbous silver pommel cap intact. The handle of the sword has the original wooden core intact and it is covered by wide flat silver bands as well as the twisted double strand silver wire. With the production date stamps being 1772, the sword could have been used by either side during the American Revolution.

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