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Authentic Artillery Implements of the Civil War Era
Scarce Confederate McEvoy Fuse Igniter Lead Charge Holder
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Here is a scarce artillery item. it is an original lead igniter for the Confederate McEvoy fuse system. This is the pattern that is illustrated on page #63 of the artillery fuse book by Chuck Jones. The Confederacy developed this system because the standard paper fuses weren't very reliable. The book explains that they were having trouble with the flame from the cannon powder going out before it reached the paper fuse at the top. To correct this problem C.A. McEvoy of Richmond, Virginia offered the solution of placing an igniter over the fuse at the front to remedy the problem. The fuse igniter consisted of a wood cylinder with a lead weight suspended from an iron pin by a serrated wire. The interior of the lead weight contained a small amount of fulminate which ignited when it pulled free upon firing. This one is displayed in a plastic case and some of the display material is stuck to the back of the piece and it is priced accordingly. The verbal history of this piece is that it was found near Farmville, Virginia. This is a tough little piece to find and it is a nice one.

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