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Original Revolvers From The Colt Firearms Company
Original "COLTS PATENT" Marked .31 Caliber Model 1849 Colt Revolver Bullet Mold
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This is a very nice original .31 caliber Civil War era iron bullet mold. This is the one for the famous Colt Firearms Company .31 caliber revolver of the model 1849 that is known to collectors as the "Pocket Model" Colt. It has the faint remnants of the " COLT'S PATENT" makers mark on the top of the sprue cutter. The sprue cutter is present and still fully functional. The base of the screw is broken off in the mold itself. This is what lets us know that it is for the Colt model 1849. It still opens and closes nicely and would cast a bullet even today. It makes one round ball and one conical bullet, both in .31 caliber. This is a nice original Colt Firearms Company bullet mold.

Item #: B3855
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