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Very Fine Civil War Military Model Maynard Cavalry Carbine With Cartouches
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This is a fine looking original Civil War cavalry 2nd model carbine of the Maynard patent. This is the classic Civil War version of the Maynard cavalry carbine. Just behind the triggerguard is the serial number of 14,568. The action works crisply on all positions. The side of the frame has the correct Maynard patent mark and dates to go along with the maker's mark of the Massachusetts Arms Company of Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts. The frame still retains a fine amount of the original case colors. The barrel is full-length with approximately 90% + of the original bluing still remaining. At the breech of the barrel it has the inspector initials "A.J.N." that stands for the inspector, August J. Noble. The stock has the matching "A.J.N." initials as well as the "JM" that stands for inspector James Mills. In the bore of the barrel it still has very clear lands and grooves present. The rear sight is present with both of the original two leafs remaining. The hammer has a fine amount of the original blue remaining as you can see. The stock is a furniture grade piece of medium color walnut. The wood has an excellent grain and as you can see it has two inspector cartouches on the backside. This is where the gun was approved for military service by the government inspectors. This is a fine looking Civil War Maynard patent cavalry carbine that is far better than most of the others out there.

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