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Authentic Original Rifles, Muskets
Unmarked H&P of New Jersey Pre-1812 Flintlock Conversion From Whitney
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Sometimes you encounter a gun that you just wish could talk. This is one of those guns that would likely have an amazing story detail. This gun has seen at least 2 lives over the years. This is one of the .69 caliber military guns that were produced by the famous firm owned by Eli Whitney. On the lock plate of the gun it has the scroll style "N. HAVEN" marking that denotes being made by the Whitney firm in New Haven, Connecticut. This is the version that is known to collectors as the pre-1812 musket. They are illustrated and described on page 279 into 80 of the 9th edition of Flayderman's Guide to Antique Arms. These were purchased under contracts with states with the largest purchaser being the state of New York. Some of these went to Connecticut and also to the state of South Carolina. A few years ago I did an appraisal on Antiques Roadshow on one of the these guns that went to South Carolina. You can click here to see that appraisal. Along the line, this gun was converted from flintlock to the percussion firing system and it was converted by the cone in barrel conversion. It is an excellent complete and original Civil War Conversion musket done by the famous firm of Hewes & Phillips of Newark, New Jersey. At the outbreak of the Civil War the U.S. Government had a tough decision to make. Should they buy new weapons or just convert the old flintlocks that were in the arsenals? They did both. This is one of the ones the government converted from flintlock to percussion. This gun started out life as a .69 caliber smoothbore musket made by the famous Whitney company. This is one of the 2nd type of conversions that were done by Hewes & Phillips in Newark, New Jersey. It has the distinctive bolster that Hewes was known for. The mechanics of the lock plate work well on both positions. The barrel is full-length at 42 inches in length with the original stud style front sight intact. At the breech, it has the conversion sight intact. It has the rear sight but the gun is still a smoothbore. Since these guns were manufactured for state sales and not for US Government purchases they are made without the production dates. The stock of the gun has a gorgeous untouched dark tone to the walnut wood. You can tell that it was used over the ages but still displays well. As you can see both of the original sling swivels are present underneath the barrel and they still pivot. It also has the original ramrod in the channel underneath the barrel. This is a gun with a lot of character that is beautifully untouched.

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