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Authentic Civil War Artillery Shells & Cannonballs
3 Inch Hotchkiss Shell Nose With Sabot and Base Cup Intact
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This is very nice piece! It is an attractive Civil War 3 inch Hotchkiss patent cannon shell. This is the Hotchkiss that used the wooden paper time style fuse at the top of the shell. When it was fired the force from the blasting charge blew the fuse out but failed to explode the shell itself. That is why the whole is open at the top. This shell was designed to explode when the paper time fuse, which burned down like a wick, caused the shell to explode. It is the pattern that was made without the flame grooves on the sides. These are generally earlier in manufacture. The base cup is still present on the bottom of the shell. Most of the time they flew off of the shell when it was fired. As you can see the lead sabot held on and you can see the rifling lines in the lead. As you can see the lead has a nice whitish gray color. The verbal history that accompanied this piece is that it was recovered from the area of the battle of Hoover's Gap in Middle Tennessee. At this battle the union forces were led by Gen. Rosecrans and the Confederates under Gen. Bragg. It was this battle that help build the well-deserved reputation of Wilder's Lightning Brigade. This shell is in nice shape and any artillery collector would appreciate having it in their collection.

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