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Original and Reproduction Tool and Worm Implements for Civil War Firearms
Springfield Trapdoor Model 1870 Springfield Pattern Rifle & Carbine Gun Tool
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This is a fine original gun tool for the slightly post Civil War rifles and carbines. This is the pattern that goes with the model 1870 US pattern rifles and carbines. These model 1870 tools were converted using the Civil War model 1863 tool with slight modifications. The nipple wrench on the tool was now supposed to be used as a mainspring vise and they trimmed down the swinging screwdriver blade so it could be used on the smaller screws on the breach of the model 1868 and model 1870 guns. It has the open ended nipple wrench, now a mainspring vise, with the two screwdriver blades. This pattern is illustrated on page 167 of the gun tool book by Shaffer Rutledge and Dorsey. This is a great looking non-excavated original Civil War rifle gun tool with the postwar alterations.

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