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Swords - Officer Swords
Authentic Artifacts from the Revolutionary War Era thru About 1840
FINE BLADE! Widmann Style 1840's Eagle Pommel Officer's Saber
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Here is an original pre-Civil War officer's sword. This is the style known to collectors as the Eagle pommel sword. Obviously they get their name from the brass pommel cap that is on the end of the grip holding the sword together. This one has the original eagle pommel intact as well as the brass hand guard. The handle is made of a well made made piece of carved bone and displays well from both sides without any chips. The sword side of the grip has the floral style piece that is often referred to a being a Widmann of Philadelphia trait. The hand guard itself has the U.S. style patriotic eagle with the shield in front of her on the langet. The blade is full length at 28-1/4th inches. It has a light gray tone all over. The etching is beautiful. The front side has the floral design and the panoply of arms in the center. It still retains a beautiful amount of the blue and gold detail work. These swords were quite popular with officers during the pre-Civil War period and some were used during the Wars. It is accompanied by the original copper scabbard. The scabbard is the adorned style that has the detail work by the mounts and on the drag. It has both of the rings intact as well as the stud on the top if the soldier wanted to use it with an over-the-shoulder sling. The original throat is intact and it has the original drag is intact at the bottom of the scabbard. This is great looking sword all the way around.

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