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BOWIE KNIFE! Tintype of a Union Soldier With His Colt Pistol and Bowie Knife
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This is a great original Civil War image! It is an original Civil War tintype image of a Union soldier. This is the size that is known to collectors as the sixth plate size. It measures about 2.75 inches by 3.25 inches in overall size. This one shows the knee-up view of a Union soldier in uniform. The coat that he is wearing is the classic single breasted frock coat. Tucked in his belt you can see the Colt revolver that appears to be the famous Colt model 1851 that was so coveted by the soldiers. On his side of his belt he has the large size bowie knife clearly visible. You can see the letter "D" on the front of his forage style hat on the banister beside of him. The image is displays and comes in a complete leatherette style image case with the hinge that is holding on by a thread. This is a very nice looking double armed Civil War soldier in uniform.

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