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Authentic Confederate Manufactured or Used Swords and Firearms of the Civil War
Anchor "S" Marked Confederate 1863 Dated .58 Caliber Civil War Enfield Rifle
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This is a good looking gun! It is an original Civil War ' Enfield pattern .577 caliber rifle. This is the Civil War production made in England like would have been brought through the blockade. It has the clear 1863 date of production on the lockplate to go along with the "TOWER" arsenal stamp and also the British crown stamp. This gun has the original lockplate with an 1863 date. The action works crisply on all positions. One thing that I think is very cool about this gun is that the original hammer must have broken and they replaced it with the blacksmith style hammer and you can tell it was used with this hammer. The colors of the lock and the hammer let us know it has been together for eons. The barrel is full-length and has the British proof marks clearly visible at the breech. The stamps include the "*25*25*" that denotes the bore of the gun as being .58 in caliber. The bore of the gun is very nice with the lands and grooves of rifling still visible. It has the original front sight still nicely intact. At the breech it has the original range rear sight intact and complete. All of the metal parts have darker tone. The gun has both of the sling swivels. It has the full-length Enfield ramrod the channel underneath the barrel. The stock has a very pretty tone to the wood with the wear from service that makes it display well. What is neat about this gun is that just in front of the top buttplate screw it has the vividly clear Anchor with the "S" marking. This is a mark is what replaced the "JS" anchor stamping that was used on the earlier imported weapons that went to the Confederacy. This stamp shows up on the 1863 and 1864 styles which came in after they stopped engraving the numbers on the buttplates of the guns. On the wood behind the triggerguard it has the Sinclair markings partially visible. On the front flat it has the stamped retailer marking. This is a very attractive looking Confederate imported Civil War Enfield pattern rifle that displays well.

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