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Authentic Original Rifles, Muskets
Authentic Artifacts from the Revolutionary War Era thru About 1840
Scarce U.S. Model 1812 Military Rifle by Eli Whitney With Drum Style Conversion
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Here is a very fine looking gun! It is an original .69 caliber military rifle by the famous Whitney firm of New haven, Connecticut. Yes that's right it is the same Whitney that is credited with inventing the cotton gin. The lockplate is simply marked "N. HAVEN" which was the Whitney way of marking. The action works crisply on all positions. When this gun left the factory it would have been a flintlock and later around the time of the Mexican War through the Civil War they converted the older flintlocks to percussion system so they could keep on using them. This is one of those conversions and is the version that was made using a drum style conversion. They have a country rifle style hammer. The barrel is full-length at 42 inches. At the breech of the barrel it has the oval indention with the letter "P" in the center which is correct for the Whitney flintlock. The stock has a deep dark tone to the walnut. On the stock opposite of the buttplate it has the remnants of the cartouche stamp in the wood. It has all three of the original barrel bands present with all of the original retainer springs intact. Both sling swivels are present on the underside of the gun. The ramrod in the channel underneath the barrel is original and full-length. This piece of history came from the museum like personal collection of Mathew Woodburn. This is a very nice looking gun with a great look and nice markings. It just needs your wall for a home.

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