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Authentic Artillery Implements of the Civil War Era
Fine Original Set of Civil War Shell Hook Lifting "Tongs"
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This is an artillery implement that you very seldom see offered for sale. It is an original set of shell hooks for lifting and loading Civil War mortar balls. You often hear them referred to as tings. This is a variation of the style that is illustrated in the lower left hand corner of page 224 of Ripley's book on Civil War artillery. They are in pristine condition and still open and close. These are the correct style for artillery use. Most of the ones that you see offered these days are likely for use with logs or ice movement but this is the correct design for artillery. They have the ring at the top that would have been utilized to pick up the ball using two men and the handspike. They still open and close just as they would have during the War. This is your chance to get an excellent original set of shell hooks from the Civil War.

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