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Authentic Military and Official United States Government Documents
8 Six Pound Cannons for use by the State of Massachusetts Dated 1854
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Here is a very neat document from the state of Massachusetts. The document is on beautiful blue reed paper that is pre-printed with the blanks filled in in fine brown ink. It is from the military storekeeper of the Waterviliet Arsenal and is dated from May 19th 1854. It is a requisition order to send items to General Stone in Boston. At the top of the list of items being sent it "8. 6 Pdr. Bronze Guns No. 427 to 435". This is for eight bronze 6 pounder cannon and the number listings are the cannon serial numbers. The paper measures 8 inches by 10 inches in overall size and it is in excellent condition. It will look amazing when displayed beside your cannonball or even your cannon.

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