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Single Shot Pistols or Multi-Shot Revolvers in the Metallic Cartridge&
Authentic Sharps & Hankins Four Barrel Pepperbox Style Pistol
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Here is a very attractive original Civil War era .32 caliber pepperbox style revolver. This is the distinctive pattern made by the famous firm of Sharps & Hankins of Philadelphia and is clearly maker marked on the top of the barrels. These guns were designed using the 1859 patent of Christian Sharps. On the side of the gun frame it has the marking "C. SHARPS PATENT JAN. 25 1858". Rather than have the barrel rotate they have the striker on the inside of the frame that rotates when the hammer is pulled back. The hammer still cocks back and catches just like it shoulder but the striker no longer rotates. It has matching serial numbers of 3,934. The barrels slide forward to allow for loading the .32 caliber rimfire cartridges. On the handle of the gun it has the nice set of original dark wood grips that are in attractive condition with a dark tone all over. This is a nice displaying and cool Civil War era pepperbox revolver from the famous Sharps Company.

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