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Authentic Original Rifles, Muskets
Cool .69 Caliber Military Rifle by P.S. Justice of Philadelphia
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This is one of the coolest and oddest muskets that we have ever been able to offer. At the outbreak of the Civil War the Union was in dire need of rifles and this is one of those guns. In Flayderman's he states it well. He says that "..the Justice arms represent a sincere attempt to answer the Union's severe demands for military arms. Justice's deliveries were among the fastest from any American manufacturer during the war years." This is one of those early guns. He states that they only made a total of 2,174 of these guns with them all being produced in 1861. The gun doesn't fall into any particular category of weapon as it is made up using some new and some old parts so they could get the gun right into service. It has the standard 39 inch barrel and you can still see the lands and grooves of the bore. The barrel had the original front sight and socket bayonet stud. The rear sight is a modern made replacement. The lockplate is made like an 1816 and you can see where they were using an old lockplate because you can still see a portion of the US in front of the hammer. In front of the hammer it has the maker's mark that reads "P.S. JUSTICE PHILADA". The action still catches on both positions. Underneath the barrel it has the trumpet style ramrod in the channel that is more modern in manufacture. The stock on this gun is in attractive condition. It is a very high quality piece of walnut with a nice cleaned tone all over. It has two of the three brass barrel bands with the Enfield style nose cap which is made of brass. It also has the brass buttplate and patchbox. The door on the patchbox is a replacement but matches well. The sling swivels are original and it has a modern made ramrod in the channel under the barrel. This is a very cool gun and is definitely one that your friends aren't likely to have.

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