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Authentic Confederate Manufactured or Used Swords and Firearms of the Civil War
Edged Weapons
Richmond Made Confederate Foot Officer's Sword by Boyle & Gamble
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If you have wanted an original Confederate officers sword without spending $10,000 then this one is for you. This is an original Confederate officer's sword and is the style known to collectors as the "foot" officer sword. These were worn by the lower ranking officers in the Confederate service. The blade on this sword measures 29 inches in overall length. On each side of the blade it has the single unstopped Fuller. The color of the blade is a nice dark gray color all over. The construction of the handle in the grip let us know who made the sword. This is the distinctive construction technique of the Richmond, Virginia firm of Boyle and Gamble. They were the premier sword maker in Virginia for the Confederacy during the Civil War. As you can see they constructed a very attractive sword even though there manufacturing techniques were not as finally honed as those of their northern counterparts. The handguard of the sword is made of cast brass and has the floral pattern which denotes it being for foot officer's rather than staff officers. The staff officer swords of the day would have the "CS" lettering to denote the higher rank. The pommel cap of the sword is also distinctive to Boyle & Gamble. It has the Laurel leaf design that is distinctively Boyle and Gamble. The handle of the sword is untouched and original. It retains the original wooden core as well as about 20% of the brown leather. The wire wrapping has been restored to enhance the display. This one has the cool attic look from tip to tip. The sword is accompanied by an original scabbard but the scabbard is an American made one that has been put with it for display purposes. You are buying the sword and the scabbard is a bonus. It is a very cool original Confederate officer's sword that is priced less than what an original CSA buckle will bring these days and it is much more scarce.

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