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Single Shot Pistols or Multi-Shot Revolvers in the Metallic Cartridge&
Very Rare Raphael Pattern Civil War Double Action Revolver Serial #1,757
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This is one of the rarest pistols that you will get a chance to own. It is the style known to collectors as the "Raphael" revolver. This was one of the most expensive revolvers of the Civil War era. The U.S. Ordnance Department purchased 106 of these Raphael Revolvers on September 21st 1861. They paid $26.33 each for the. This was a massive amount of money in 1861. In the book Firearms From Europe they make the notation state that they were made in France and were designed to rival the famous Lefaucheux revolver. These are a beautiful but complex designed gun. It has a full-length 5.75 inches and measures 11mm in bore size. On the side of the frame it has the serial number of "1757" stamped into the metal. The gun fires six centerfire metallic cartridges. They load by rotating the cylinder to a special place that has a safety spot. You rest the hammer in the safety locking spot and the main body of the cylinder rotates so you can load the cartridges through a loading gate on the right hand side of the cylinder backplate. The cylinder body has to be turned to one exact place or the loading gate won't close. The bottom of the grip is missing the lanyard ring. The double action of the gun's mechanics works if you push the trigger forward after each shot. The original 2-piece wood grips are intact on the handle of the gun and they have a fine look. This is a great gun of one very tough style to find. Don't miss your chance.

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