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1862 Dated Confederate $1,000 Bond With C.S. General John H. Winder
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Here is a cool looking original 1862 dated Confederate savings bond. This is the version for $1,000 that was issued at Richmond in October 21st 1862. In the center of the top it has the likeness of General John H. Winder. Winder was Confederate provost Marshall and was in charge of many police type activities but is best known for being in charge of the Southern Prison Camps. He received criticism on both sides because of the way the camps were ran. The North especially blamed him for the poor condition and food in the camps even though they were getting basically the same rations as the Confederate soldiers were given at the time. At the bottom of the bond are the correct 23 interest coupons remaining. This is the correct number remaining because when the Civil War ended the person that purchased the bond could no longer redeem any of the interest coupons. This is the Confederate bond listed as CR-94 in the bond book by Criswell and as #101 in the Ball book on Confederate Bonds. This is a very nice displaying original Confederate savings bond that will look great when it is nicely framed up on you office or relic room wall.

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